Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Three Months with Jack

And just like that, another month has flown by! I had every intention of posting non-baby related things on here in the last month but we were so busy that it just didn't happen. We were busy with lots of fun things though! Jack's third month was filled with lots of visits and love from family. First Joe's parents came to visit for the weekend, then the day after they headed home, Grace came to spend her spring break with us. Jack and I did some running around town with Gracie and then spent the later half of the week getting ready for an even bigger crowd to come in town for Jack's baptism. Instead of listing everyone out here, I'll just do it on the actual pictures. :) Then the day after the baptism, Sara and Elsa came in town for a week! While they were here, my Grandparents came in town to meet both Jack and Elsa for the first time. After our visit with Sara and Elsa (and Andy for a night) we had a little down time before Mary and Michael and my parents came in for Easter! Now we're home alone again once more and Jack is re-adjusting to not being held and played with constantly :)

On the medical side of Jack news, we found out today that his repeat EEG came back normal and we get to start weaning him off his medicine! The doctor was very pleased with his EEG and with the results of the genetic test so we're hopeful that after being weaned off his medicine, Jack will be done with all of this. I'm looking forward to having no medical updates for Jack!

The rest of our spring and early summer is shaping up to be busy already. With more visiting with friends and family as well as a couple of cake orders for me. One thing I'm super excited about is meeting our newest niece! Joe's sister Abby just gave birth to little miss Adeline and we just can't wait to meet her!

Here's what Jack is up to at 3 months:
- Loves chewing on his own hands. And everyone else's hands for that matter.
- Enjoys talking and "singing" when I play the piano for him.
- Still waking up at least once in the middle of the night to eat :(
- Loves "flying" with dad
- Is beginning to be much more interactive with his toys
- Likes sitting up to play (while being supported of course)

Well I guess it's time to get to some pictures!

This is at the beginning of month 3. When he had MUCH more hair :)
Us with Jack's Godparents, Grace and Josh. Also, Father John Charles.

Mom, Dad, Me, Jack, Joe, Grace, Mimi

Lance, Liz, Me, Jack, Joe, Maria, David

Rocking the tummy time

Fun at the zoo!
Mimi, Me, Jack, Sara, Elsa, Mom

Sara, Dad, Jack, Grandma, Grandpa, Elsa, Me

Happy cousins, Jack and Elsa!

Just chillin' at the winery. 

Jack's first Easter

Jack with Aunt Mary and Uncle Mike on Easter.