Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Louisiana Wedding Fun - Part 2!

Ever since the first Louisiana Wedding Fun post, I've been counting down the days until I got to return to Lake Charles to celebrate the second Schram wedding of the year!  Well I finally headed down there this past weekend to be there with Sarah and her family as she said "I do!" to Rhett Edwards.  I've known Sarah and her twin sister, Amanda since we were in 5th grade and even though I have lived far away from them for the past seven years, they're still two of my best friends.  (Oh, and Sarah is the one to thank for coming up with the name for this blog!)  I had such a blast this weekend catching up with old friends and I already miss all those crazy girls in the bridal party :)  The wedding was amazing and we danced the night away to the awesome band!  Everything went smoothly and even though it rained the morning of the wedding, we had clear skies by the end of the day.  Overall it was an awesome weekend!

I flew into Houston on Friday morning and Mom met me at the airport since she'd been spending the week in Houston with Mimi.  We drove to Lake Charles and spent some time with family friends before I had to head to the rehearsal dinner.  Saturday consisted of hair appointments, last minute errands, and a little relaxing before the wedding.  The wedding and reception flew by and I couldn't believe that it was over so soon!  Sarah and Rhett left the reception in a vintage black Cadillac while fireworks and sparklers lit the path.  Sarah looked beautiful and I was just so happy to be there on her special day!  Thank you to the Schrams for hosting such a beautiful wedding, and also to Mary and Alex for letting us stay at their apartment! 

On Sunday, Mom and I drove back to Houston and had lunch with Mimi and Mom's friend Katie.  Lunch was great and I'm hoping to make a couple of Mimi's recipes soon, so you'll probably see them up here :)

I don't have too many pictures from the wedding since the person I left my camera with (*cough* Mary *cough*) dropped it and the batteries didn't want to stay in.  But I still got a few good ones. 


This is the only one I had with both Sarah and Rhett.  But Rhett isn't the one with his arm around Sarah haha!  He's the next one to the right.


Congrats, Sarah and Rhett!  I hope you're having an amazing time in wine country!

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