Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Oreo Truffles

We have a snowflake making kit winner! Congrats to Heather, I'll send your snowflakes supplies ASAP :)

And since I can't write a post just announcing the winner, I had to include a super simple recipe for a dessert that everyone always loves. Oreo truffles! (Or as I usually call them, Oreo balls.) I've been making these for a few years now and they're always a big hit where ever I bring them. And people are always amazed by the colored candy coating drizzled on top (I'm honestly not sure why though haha). You only need 4 ingredients to make these, and though it isn't necessary to have special tools, a food processor will make the mixing so much easier.

Here's how to make them!

Oreo Truffles
Makes approx. 30, 1" balls

1 package regular Oreos (preferably not double stuff, though I have used flavored double stuff like candy cane ones)
1 8 oz. block of cream cheese, softened (I usually use 1/3 less fat)
Almond bark for coating
Colored candy coating for drizzling

Start by placing all of the Oreos (except 6 or so, save those for yourself haha) in the bowl of your food processor. If you're not using a food processor, then place the Oreos in a large ziploc bag.

Run the food processor, or crush the Oreos inside the Ziploc with a rolling pin until finely ground.

Cut the cream cheese into a few chunks and add to the bowl of the food processor. Or pour the Oreo crumbs from the ziploc into a bowl and add the chunks of cream cheese.

Process or stir until the crumbs and cream cheese are evenly mixed. Cover and place the mixture in the fridge for 30 minutes or so.

Remove from the fridge and use a spoon or a cookie scoop to portion out the mixture onto a wax paper covered cookie sheet. Then roll each scoop into a nice round ball and place back in the fridge for another 30 or up to a few hours.

When ready to coat the truffles, chop up 6 pieces of the almond bark (I found that's the perfect amount for 1 batch of truffles), and place them in a glass measuring cup, or some other microwave safe bowl. A measuring cup just works well because it's tall and deep.

Heat the almond bark in the microwave for 1 minute then stir. Heat for 30 second intervals after that and stir well in between. It should only take about 2 minutes total. Continue stirring until all the lumps are gone.

Remove the truffles from the fridge and drop one into the melted almond bark. Instead of turning the truffle around in the coating, use a fork to scoop some coating over the truffle. Then use the fork to scoop the ball out. Keep the ball toward the end of the fork and tap the fork a few times on the rim of the measuring cup. Then let the ball gently roll back onto the wax paper.

Repeat for the rest of the truffles!

The ones where you can see the oreos underneath are like that because they rolled too much when coming off the fork.

If you want to drizzle them with colored coating, I recommend buying the bags of candy coating wafers at somewhere like Michael's or Hobby Lobby. Trying to dye almond bark using food coloring does not work. Simply place some of the candy coating wafers in a ziploc baggie and microwave for a minute. Then just squeeze the bag around with your hand till they're all melted. Snip a tiny corner off the bag and drizzle over the covered truffles.  That's it!

After making 100s of these over the past few years I've kind of gotten the hang of it, but getting the coating to look good can take some practice. No matter how good they look though, they'll still taste awesome :)

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great weekend! Can you believe it's only 12 days til Christmas!?! Gah! I can't.

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  1. Lisa, I sure hope you're bringing some of these with you at Christmas (hint, hint)!!! Love, Dad