Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Goals for a New Year

We're a couple weeks into 2013 now and it's been a good year so far :) Well, if we don't count the fact that I'm going on 2 weeks of being sick, then it's been a good year so far. Of course this time of year always brings about an evaluation of the previous twelve months and what things might be good to change in the next twelve. Typically we call these "resolutions" but I think this year I'll call mine goals. To me, a resolution sounds so definite and if I fall short then I've broken my resolution. But a goal is something I can continuously strive for and isn't necessarily a lost cause if I fall off the wagon now and then. This year, I have a few areas of goals: personal goals, home goals and blog goals. We'll start with the personal ones I guess.

Personal Goals
1. (This is actually one Joe and I are both doing). Do one *good* push-up every night the first week of the year, then 2 every night the second week, etc. So by the end of the year, I'll be able to do 52 real push ups, with some breaks in between sets of course. I wanted to do this because I have to do push-ups every week in my pilates class and they usually aren't very good. Plus, it's something I can just do at home before bed. So far, Joe and I haven't missed a day and I'm happy to say that the push-ups are actually getting easier.

2. (Joe is also doing this one with me.) Run a 1/2 marathon in April. Every year Garmin sponsors a local marathon and 1/2 marathon and we've finally decided to run it. Our training plan starts tomorrow! Time to break in these new running shoes :)

3. Go to church more often. I have to admit that over the past few years, I have attended church much less frequently than I should. When I do go, I always feel better and a little more at peace. But it never fails that something comes up or I just don't "feel" like going. The physical act of going to church each Sunday will help me be more mindful of praying and thanking God for blessings throughout the week, and that is a goal that can always use improving.

Home Goals
1. Get organized! This will be an ongoing process for me. I'd like to be one of those people that has "a place for everything and everything in it's place". A couple of house projects we have going on will help with that by adding more storage spaces to organize things, but I need to get organized in existing spaces as well. Think junk drawers, messy closets and stacks of things covering the basement. I'll try and keep you updated on how this goes.

2. Slowly start finishing spaces in our home. I don't want to break the goals down by specific rooms, but there will hopefully be a lot of projects going on in the near future. Last year we reached our goal of paying off my student loans, so this year we'll have a little more money to put toward house things. Below is the current state of our future piano room/reading room. Hardwood floors will be going in soon!

3. Put clean clothes away once they're folded! Ok, I know this is pretty specific, but I'm the worst about this! I don't see this change going well, but I'll keep trying. Putting away clothes is just the worst.

Blog Goals
1. Post twice a week. You may notice that I've already fallen off the wagon on this goal already, but I'm ready to get back on!

2. Figure out why a lot of you aren't able to comment on the blog and fix it. I've heard from several of you that this is a problem, so I'll look into it.

3. Learn how to use my camera on manual mode. I guess this could be a personal goal, but since I mostly use the camera for blog things, it'll be a blog goal. I've had a friend offer to give me camera lessons in exchange for cupcakes so I think it's time to take her up on that.

I didn't have a picture for the "blog goals" so here's a picture of some birds at our feeder this morning. I tried to get one of the Blue Jay but he kept getting scared away. 

Well, I guess that's it! I could have kept going on some of these, but you've probably heard enough. Thank you so much for reading and feel free to share your goals in the comments and maybe we can keep each other accountable! If your goal is to eat healthier then I made a couple recipes today that might interest you. I'll share them soon :) Have a great week!


  1. Good goals. And that's actually a really good picture of the birds in focus and the trees out of focus.

    1. Thanks! Hopefully with some camera lessons I'll be able to get even better pictures.

  2. Your living room is crazy! I can't wait to hear how easy or hard the flooring is going to be to put in. Greg and I need to stop by and check out the process. Greg also has a pair of Brooks that he loves running in. A half marathon is a great goal. Good luck practicing, and let me know if you need a running partner every now and then.

    1. Yes, you'll definitely have to come see it soon! We'll actually be putting wood in the dining room too once we're done with the piano room. So the house will be a mess for a while I'm afraid. Oh, I'm going to pilates at 5:30 this Friday if you're interested. Did she include you on her email?