Monday, August 5, 2013

Baby Albert's Baptism and Cake

Good evening! Did you all have a good weekend? We did, and we made some good deck progress. I also got one step closer to finishing the cabinet doors on the built-ins. This week, we're back to work on the deck again, but we're getting closer every day. I mentioned in the last post that two weekends ago we were in St. Louis for the baptism of our little nephew, Albert. Joe's sister, Abby, asked if I'd make a cake for the reception after the baptism and told me I could have free reign on the design :) I did some quick Google searching and found some ideas I liked then just kind of pieced it together from there. The cake is chocolate with a combination of vanilla buttercream and chocolate ganache on the inside. I could eat that combination everyday :)

On the bottom tier I did a sort of "quilting" design. I used a ruler with 2 toothpicks taped 1" apart to mark the top edge of the cake. Then I folded a piece of cardstock at a 45 degree angle and used that as my guide to make all the lines on the cake. It ended up working pretty well! Then I cut all the decorations for the top and bottom tiers out of modeling chocolate and used the wax paper transfer method to stick them on the cake. After transporting it to St. Louis, the icing under the fondant got a little soft, so it all ended up looking a little lumpy, but not too bad. It still tasted good!

Now for some pictures from the actual baptism. I hope Abby and Albert don't mind that they're in pretty much every picture haha. They just happen to be responsible for the star of the show!

Baby Al behaved very well!

Albert, Abby and Baby Albert

All of the Great-Grandparents

The Grandparents

The Godparents

Uncle Joe and Aunt Lisa :)

Uncle John, Aunt Theresa, Liz, Lance, Grandma and Papa

We had a great time visiting with everyone and it was nice that all of Joe's Grandparents and his aunt and uncle were also able to come in town to celebrate. It was crazy to see how much baby Al had grown since we last saw him and I know he'll just keep surprising us every time we visit! Well, we don't have to many exciting things coming up, but I have finally been documenting some recipes that I want to blog about, so hopefully I won't go to long without posting. Until then, have a great week!

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  1. Beautiful cake. I like that it's so simple & elegant, instead of looking very babyish. Great job!
    Aunt Sharon