Friday, August 12, 2016

One month as a family of four!

Not sure if anyone noticed, but it's been well over a year since I posted on the blog! Needless to say, a lot has happened since then and we've been busy. I'm hoping to post about of few of the projects that we've done around the house separately, so I won't bother talking about them in this post. For now I want to introduce the newest member of our family and give you glimpse into our new life as a family of four. We found out last November that we were expecting baby number two. We were excited to find out in February that we would be having another boy. I'm so happy for Jack to have a brother!

After what felt like a VERY quick 9 months, Edward Robert Lombardo made his appearance on July 7th! At almost 2 pounds lighter than Jack was when he was born, Eddie felt so tiny but he is quickly catching up.

Jack wasn't so sure at first about this new baby that I was constantly holding. The first several days at home were a little rough, but Jack has adjusted more every day. These days Eddie has more brotherly love coming his way than he knows what to do with! Jack is excited to see "Eh-eee" every morning, and showers him in snuggles and kisses. The only problem is Jack is a bit of an aggressive snuggler. We're working on that though.

While we were in the hospital and for our first 2 weeks at home, we had either my mom or Joe's mom in town to help us out and they were lifesavers! Having an extra set of hands to hold Eddie or play with Jack was such a huge help. Now that I'm home with both boys on my own during the day, we're still working on settling into our new normal. Lucky for me, Jack is typically very helpful and has become more patient when Eddie decides he wants to eat off and on every 10 minutes in the morning. Eddie is also very "helpful" in the sense that he is very laid back for the most part, and happy to rest on a pillow or in his swing. He is also a good night time sleeper. He still gets up once or twice a night to eat, but he goes back to sleep almost immediately after eating.

As for Jack, he's 19 months old now and is chatting up a storm. I swear he learns 2 new words a day. Too bad he won't hardly talk in front of anyone but Joe and me! He loves trains, picking tomatoes, picking up walnuts with daddy, reading, playing with his kitchen, and helping out with anything he can. He's still a mama's boy and gets a little nervous when new people come to visit, but I'm hoping he will get better about that as time goes on.

Overall, we're doing really well over here! We've had so much support from family and friends to help make the transition as smooth as possible. These two boys are keeping me busy but in the best way possible. I can't wait until Eddie can interact with Jack a little more so Jack can get some love in return :) Now on to the best part: pictures!

Fresh from his first bath

Jack had his hands on his ears because he was asking for a phone to watch a train video :)

Stranded at the picnic shelter at the park during a rain shower. 

"Trainspotting" in downtown Olathe

Tummy time pro!


  1. Love these pictures, Lisa! Am happy to hear all is going well (or what passes for 'well' with a 1.5 yr old and 1 mo. old!)

  2. So happy to see a post! Love what you wrote and all the pictures! It makes me so excited for our little one to arrive. Keep the posts coming! You're doing great!