Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This Ice Cream is Bananas!

I swear it tastes better than it looks :)

Seriously though, that's all the base for this ice cream is.  Bananas.  So "ice cream" really isn't the best name for it.  But it tastes like ice cream, and almost has the texture of frozen custard.  The best part about it is that I can eat it while watching Biggest Loser and not feel guilty.  Plus, it's so easy to make that I can hardly call it a recipe.  I saw the instructions for this over a year ago online, and basically all you have to do is chop up a couple of frozen bananas and puree them in the food processor until smooth and creamy.  It's a great way to save bananas that are starting to go bad and or that you know won't get eaten.  Just throw them in the freezer and once you have a couple in there that are frozen solid, you're ready to make ice cream.

Of course I couldn't leave well enough alone, and I had to add some mix-ins.  In an effort to maintain a decent level of health in this ice cream, I opted to add peanut butter and some chocolate flavored protein powder that Joe usually makes into a shake after working out.  In the past I've added coconut and chocolate chips too.  I bet adding a little vanilla would make it taste even more like real ice cream.  Here's the breakdown:

What you'll need:
Frozen bananas (we use 2 for the 2 of us, but I could probably eat that much by myself) *update I just did eat that much by myself.  Joe came back from the gym and didn't feel like having any.  More for me!
Any mix-ins you want

I think that a food processor would make the quickest work out of this, but a blender will probably work too.

Start by peeling the bananas.  Unfortunately, you can't peel them like you would unfrozen bananas.  I usually use a sharp paring knife and peel it like a potato or something.  Oh, and since they're freezing (obviously), I hold the banana with a paper towel so that my fingers don't get too cold.

Next chop the peeled bananas into approximately 1" pieces.

Place the chopped bananas in the food processor bowl and start blending.  It might take a few minutes for it to really get creamy, but don't worry it will eventually come together.  Just stop the food processor every now and then and scrape down the sides with a spatula.

After about 30 seconds.
After about 1 minute.  You could probably eat it at this stage, but there would still be chunks of bananas.
Thaaaaat's better.  Now it's definitely ready to eat.  Unless you want to add in some extra things.
Once it's nice and creamy you can either add your mix-ins into the food processor or just stir them into your bowl by hand.  This time after I scooped the ice cream into the bowl, I placed it in the freezer for about 10 minutes to firm back up.  But feel free to eat it right out of the food processor bowl :)

Adding peanut butter and chocolate powder.
Mix it up!

Ok, so I realize that it really doesn't look that appetizing, but it really is delicious, I promise!



  1. Try throwing some strawberries in there with your bananas next time and see how that tastes. Looks pretty good.

  2. I just made some of this and it is amazing. I don't even really like bananas, but this stuff is good. Helpful hint - cut up your bananas before freezing. It worked just fine and saved a little bit of extra work.

    1. I'm glad you tried it and liked it! Good idea on cutting up the bananas before freezing. I'll definitely do that next time :) I'm always afraid I'm going to cut myself when trying to get the frozen peels off.