Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mavericks Game

This past Tuesday night, Lisa and I (that's right, this is a Joe post!) went to a Missouri Mavericks game. The Missouri Mavericks are the professional minor league hockey team here in Kansas City. The tickets were my Valentines gift from Lisa this year, and I think she made a good choice. The Mavericks were playing the Rapid City Rush, so there were major bragging rights at stake (looking at you, Uncle Dave).  We had awesome seats compared to most hockey games I've been to. I don't think there was a bad seat in the house though...there were only about 20 rows of seats. It was decently crowded, especially for a minor league hockey game on a Tuesday night. 

When I opened the program, I was surprised to see a familiar face. Turns out I went to high school with the Mavericks' starting goalie! Small world, huh...

One thing that's great about minor league hockey is that the teams are always doing whatever they can to bring fans to games. This night it was $1 hotdog and $3 beer night, which was great. And it seemed as though every section got to take part in some kind of give-away or contest. Like everyone gets a free burger in a section if someone answers a trivia question correctly, or everyone at the game gets a free chicken sandwich if the Mavericks score a goal in the first minute of the third period.  Unfortunately, we didn't come home with any winnings, but we did get some free foam pucks. Speaking of foam pucks...

They had a intermission game called "Chuck-a-puck". If you haven't heard of it before, it's where they put targets out onto the ice and have people in the stands try to throw foam pucks onto the targets. Whoever gets their puck closest to the target wins the prize. Most of the prizes were gift cards to local businesses, but the big one in the middle was $600 cash. We didn't win, but I like to think we were close.

My puck is the red one.

The game was really good. It was very evenly matched and went back and forth a lot. There was even a really good fight right in front of us.

 I don't think Lisa was too entertained by the fight, but she did get a kick out of Mac, the Mavericks' mascot. She said she liked his crazy eyes. Unfortunately, the Mavericks ended up losing the game in shootouts, but it was still a great game, and I had a great time.

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  1. Yay! I love going to the Thunder hockey games here. I've already been to about 5 games this season. They do a lot of the same stuff like "Chuck-a-puck" and $1 food nights.