Wednesday, March 21, 2012

St. Pat's Weekend in New Orleans!

This past weekend I hopped on a plane to New Orleans to spend some time with a lot of people that I don't get to see nearly enough.  I spent Friday night through Sunday morning hanging out with my awesome/crazy/funny group of friends from Lake Charles celebrating Amanda Schram's bachelorette party.  We started the weekend off right with sangria margaritas at Superior Grill (which I plan on trying to replicate very soon) then bar hopped for a little while.  Saturday's main event was the St. Pat's parade where we had to fight to keep our prime parade spot.  Then we headed down to the French Quarter for dinner and danced the night away at The Gold Mine.  Sunday morning we grabbed brunch and then I told the girls goodbye and met up with my cousin Michael and Uncle Harold.  They took me out for an AMAZING lunch at Mr. B's in the French Quarter and then we caught part of the Irish/Italian parade just down the street from Michael's house in Metarie.  I had an such a great time this weekend and can truly say that there is no where in the world quite like New Orleans!  I'm already looking for a reason to go back and bring Joe with me, although the shrimp and grits at Mr. B's is reason enough to go back as far as I'm concerned.

Here are some pictures from the weekend!

The Bride, Amanda!  We had to peel labels off the hotel shampoo bottles to hold the sash together :)
Dinner and sangria margaritas at Superior Grill.  L-R: Kaye, Erin-Beth, Sarah, Me, Meghan, Amanda
A Cajun band a Les Bon Temps bar.  They had a song called, "She's the biggest little shrimp in town".
Waiting for the parade to start
Amanda with Gumby and his leprechaun friend.
This man was part of a "walking club".  They walk in parades and hand out flowers in exchange for kisses on the cheek.  We made sure Amanda got lots of flowers :)  Oh, and yes those are underwear in her hair.  That was also a gift from a parade walker.
Alex and Erin-Beth made sure that the ice chest didn't run off.
Amanda really started to fill up! 
We found Flat Stanley!
I caught a chicken for Sarah to take home!
Erin-Beth caught a cabbage!  There was a variety of produce being thrown...
Kaye and Sarah caught a lot too
Saturday night at the Gold Mine.
I thought this big guy's little glasses were so funny and I had to get a picture with him.
We ran into a nice group of guys who were part of a bachelor party.  As you can tell, they were a little crazy so of course we made Amanda get a picture with them :)
Uncle Harold and Me.  I hope I can be like him when I'm 93.  
Me and Michael at the Irish/Italian parade.  Notice the cool Mardi Gras and New Orleans Saints Bud Light cans.  I wish we could find those in KC!  
I'm trying to catch a cabbage to add to our pile of potatoes, onions, garlic and lemons.  Michael caught a cabbage eventually.  
This lovely lady was part of a ladies walking club and was handing flowers out to guys.    That's not something you'll see everyday :)  
Well, that's the condensed version of my pictures.  I guess I could have ended with a nicer photo :)  I'll probably put more on Facebook eventually.  Thanks to the Sarah for setting up the weekend and to Amanda for letting me be part of her wedding!  I had an awesome time with you girls!  Thank you also to Michael and Uncle Harold, it was so great to see both of you and I hope I'll see you again at the family reunion this summer!

Oh, and in case you're wondering what Joe did to amuse himself while I was gone...

Olathe gives out free compost.  And yes, my car does still smell like dirt.
He filled the back of my car with compost and then mulch and did yard work all weekend.  Then he grilled himself some burgers, drank beer and watched hockey.  I didn't feel to bad about leaving him alone :)

Don't worry, no vegetables were harmed in the making of this meal.

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  1. It looks like you had such a good time! And a REALLY full weekend! We should probably go dancing sometime too--I feel like this would suit us.