Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Birthday Blessings Cake

Before I tell you about another cake I made, I need to announce the winner for the Blog Birthday Giveaway. The winner is.....my Aunt Audrey! Congratulations! I hope you enjoy your new kitchen tools :) Thanks to everyone who commented to try and win. I wish I could send a prize to all of you!

Now back to the cake. I made this cake for a local organization called "Birthday Blessings KC". It is the second one I've made, but I forgot to take pictures of the first. Birthday Blessings KC is a group that provides a birthday cake, present and balloons to kids who may not have gotten much of a birthday celebration otherwise. Volunteers sign up to provide one of the three items and then they are all delivered together on the child's birthday.

I found out about this group from a flyer that I picked up at a local baking supply shop that I frequent. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to give something back to the community while doing something I love. It doesn't hurt that I'm getting some good practice in with each cake I make too :) There are guidelines that Birthday Blessings sets for the cakes, like no fondant, or characters. The birthday children get to pick their favorite cake flavor and a couple of favorite colors for the cake, then the bakers get free reign from there. This cake was for a 1 year old little girl, and though I doubt she was able to pick her favorite flavor or colors, her parents requested a lemon cake and said the favorite colors were purple and green. I decided to try the ruffle icing technique that I've seen all of the internet lately. It was super easy and is now my second favorite way of icing a cake, along with the icing roses (like on the 4th of July Cake).

Close up of the ruffles.

On the first cake I made for Birthday Blessings, I used the icing rose technique. Although I didn't get a picture of it, you can catch a small glimpse of it on the Kansas City Star Newspaper website (it's the 3rd picture). It just so happened that on the day I had to deliver the cake to the organizers house, she was being interviewed by the newspaper about Birthday Blessings. The also interviewed me a little bit, but none of my interview made it into the newspaper :( At least they got a quick picture of my cake for the website since I didn't get any. I've signed up for another cake already, but it seems like the cake spots fill up quick. I hope to make many more though.

I guess that's it for tonight. I promise that in the next post, I'll show off those wood floors that we installed that I keep talking about! I hope you all have a great week and thanks again for all the nice comments on the blog birthday post!


  1. The cake looks awesome! I wonder if they have a program like that here in Wichita.

    You'll have to tell me if you followed a certain tutorial to do the ruffle technique. Did you just use the basketweave tip? Or the rose tip? I used this other technique on my last cake: http://bestfriendsforfrosting.com/2011/11/super-simple-frosting-decorating-technique/

    Isn't it crazy how you can learn all these complicated ways to decorate and then sometimes the easiest things look the coolest?

    1. Thanks, Chase! I did search for a tutorial on "ruffle cake" and there were a couple good ones. I think you use a "petal" tip like a Wilton 104 and you start at the bottom of the cake and work your way up. I kept my columns about 1" wide. Oh, and you keep the wide side of the icing tip against the cake. It really is easy! That link you sent is the next style I want to try! Is it as easy as people say it is?

  2. This is SUCH a cool cause, Lisa! What an awesome way to do what you love and give back, too. The ruffles really did turn out gorgeous. - Mandi