Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hot Wheels Birthday Cake

Today Joe and I dug our driveway out from under about 10 inches or more of snow for the SECOND time in less than a WEEK. Not cool Kansas. Not cool.

Animal tracks in the snow. 
The nice thing about this excessive snow is that Joe and I both stayed home from work. We did both have our work laptops at home so we were able to get some actual work done, but really it was just nice to be at home during the day together. I did spend part of my time today scraping wallpaper in the dining room. And on that note, I'd like to go ahead and make a little public service announcement: DO NOT PAINT OVER WALLPAPER. It will make it unbelievably difficult for someone to remove that wallpaper down the road when it starts to not look so hot. Thank you, that is all.

See. It's not coming off easy.

Now back to this Hot Wheels birthday cake. This was another cake that I did for Birthday Blessings KC, and this time I decided to try and go with a theme for one of the gifts that the birthday boy requested, which was Hot Wheels. On the cake requirements I received, it said that the birthday boy's favorite color was red, so that went along nicely with the Hot Wheels theme. I tried a new icing technique on the sides of the cake and it worked out pretty well. My friend Shayna and I tag teamed this cake while Joe and her husband, Greg, worked on our wood floors :) This cake came together really quick and personally I think it looked really cool! Here are a couple more pictures.

I found a new use for our aloe vera plant :) Drying icing bags!

Not much new is going on around here other than having two big snow storms in the last week. We had some friends over to watch the Oscars on Sunday night and had a really great time with them. Some of us may have had a little too much fun, ahem. We dressed up in our red carpet best (mine was my freshman year homecoming dress) and drank champagne.

We were the only 4 who dressed up.

Joe and I also bought a hot air popcorn popper that weekend so I could make a couple "fancy" popcorns for our party. Let me just say that this popcorn popper is possibly my new favorite kitchen appliance. It's just so fun and easy to use! I'll be posting a recipe for caramel corn sometime in the near future :) I guess that's it for tonight, have a great rest of the week!

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  1. RE: Painting over wallpaper - Can I just add that it's (a) cheap and (b) bad practice. Just DON'T DO IT...E-V-E-R!