Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dad!

I'm on the road again for a work trip, but this time the stars aligned and I was sent to Columbus, OH on Dad's birthday.  Conveniently enough, Columbus is only about an hour and half away from Mom, Dad and Grace.  I wasn't sure if I'd be able to see them since my flight didn't get in till almost 6:00pm and I'd be sharing a rental car with one of my coworkers.  But then this morning, one of my other coworkers told me about a great German restaurant in the historic German Village in Columbus, and I knew that it would be the perfect place to get together for Dad's birthday!  After a couple quick calls to Mom and Dad everything was planned and we met up at 7:00 tonight. 

The place we ate was called Schmidt's Restaurant und Sausage Haus.  Like I said, it was in the historic German Village area, and I think I could have walked around there for a few hours just looking at the cool old houses, cute little gardens, and adorable dogs behind the garden fences.  At Schmidt's we all opted to get the buffet so that we could sample several types of sausages and German side dishes.  Then it was time for what I was most looking forward to, GIANT CREAM PUFFS!  Grace and I decided to share a peanut butter fudge cream puff.  It was excellent!  Mom got the German chocolate cake and my coworker, Randy, got the coconut cream pie.  The birthday boy just sampled a little of everything :) 

About half way through dinner a 2-man polka band started up playing some fun music with just an accordian and a tuba.  They were even wearing lederhosen!  Then we spent about 30 minutes walking around the area near the restaurant looking at all those cool houses I was talking about.  I would love to come back and visit the German Village again.  I bet it would be pretty to see next year when we're up there for Christmas, (hint hint).  Well, even though it was just a quick visit, it was great to see Mom, Dad and Grace again.  Thanks for driving up to see me you guys! 

Now here are a few pics from the night.  I only had the camera on my phone, so I apologize for the poor quality. 

Schmidt's Restaurant und Sausage Haus

Bier = Beer, See you know plenty of German
Mm mm mm

Peanut butter fudge cream puff.  Double mm mm mm

I didn't try the German chocolate cake, but it sure looked delicious!

Guten tag!
Wheezin' & Squeezin'

Auf Wiedersehen!
Cute little houses

More cute houses :)

Hey there, little guy!

Definitely going to have to come back here sometime!
Have a great weekend, and once again, happy birthday, Dad!


  1. Thank you, Lisa. It was great to see you and I'm glad we could get together. It was a nice area wasn't it. And you know we couldn't have picked a better place for me because I love German food, especially any type of Wurst.

  2. Lisa, I am glad to learn you are still cooking away! And am also happy to see that you and your folks were able to connect and try all those fancy birthday desserts, not to mention the Grerman food. C. Townsend