Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Lombardo Home Journal

This past weekend while Joe was out of town for a bachelor party, I spent a lot of time cleaning house and decided that it was clean enough to get some decent pictures of all the rooms.  As most of you know, there's always a project going on at our house, and for every one that is in the works there are probably 100 more that I'd like to get done!  Most of these involve some sort of DIY project and acquiring various pieces of furniture.  Hopefully I'll be able to put a lot of these projects up on the blog, so I was thinking that if I share a list of projects that I have in mind for the house with all of you, then maybe I'll be able to hold myself accountable and be motivated to get things done.  So without further ado, here's a little photo tour of our house with a room by room list of projects!  I apologize in advance for the not so great pictures.

First up, the living room.

 - The "project" on the top of my living room list is NEW COUCHES.  If only we could decide what we want and how to arrange them.  
- Install built-in book cases around the fireplace.
- Find a TV stand or old dining room buffet to re-finish or paint for the TV.
- Make some curtains.
- New side tables and an ottoman.
- Artwork and other decorations.

Next, the kitchen.

- Eventually replace dishwasher, range and microwave with stainless appliances.
- One day I might paint the cabinets white.
- Make new curtains.

The dining room.

- Get a dining room table and chairs.
- Paint.
- Install bead board or board & batten up to the chair rail.
- Window treatments.

The front living room / current craft room

- Move all the craft stuff down to the basement :)
- Paint.
- Window treatments.
- Get a piano!
- Maybe some built-in bookshelves.

The foyer.

- Get rid of the black square! (I actually started that process today).
- Scrape off the "stained glass".  You can see it behind the blinds.
- New light fixture.
- Some artwork to the right of the door.

The guest bath.

Not a whole lot I want to do in here other than get rid of the carpet and put down some tile.  This picture really is terrible.

Guest room #1

- Repaint lamp and re-cover the lampshade.
- Curtains.
- Artwork / wall decor.

Guest room #2

- Move the bed frame from our room to this room so the mattress isn't on the floor.
- Not much else in mind for this room right now.

The master bedroom

- Make a padded headboard / bed.
- Paint the walls.
- Matching night stands.
- New dresser (or old ones to paint)
- Curtains
- General decoration and de-uglification.

 The master bath.

- Paint the cabinets and tub surround white like the trim.
- Paint the walls.
- Get rid of the carpet. Install tile.
- New towel bars and hardware.
- Minimize the number of hair products I own. haha

Geez, when I write it all out like that it seems like a lot more work than what I originally thought.  A lot of those things are long term goals, but I think others are things I can start working on pretty soon.  For most of the furniture, with the exception of the couches, I've been looking for used pieces at thrift stores that I can rehab into something useful.  Well, I guess it's off to bed now to dream about home improvement projects :)  Have a great week!


  1. Sounds like you have a lot of plans! Hope you get yours done faster than I have mine for our house! LOL. Is "deuglification" a word? I like it!
    Aunt Sharon

  2. Personal opinion, I'd advise against painting hardwood cabinets that have such a beautiful finish already. You can refinish them if you don't like them. If they were pine and the finish was coming off or marred significantly (like the trim in my house) you can't really fix that and have to replace it or paint it or live with it.