Monday, April 2, 2012

One person's trash... our new bathroom shelf!

As I was driving through our neighborhood on Sunday on my way to Home Depot, I spotted a cute little shelf on the curb as trash.  Luckily, Joe wasn't with me or he probably would have been embarrassed that I actually stopped to check it out and then take it home.  Once I determined that the shelf was salvageable, and in fact the only problem with it was a big paint splotch on the top, I knew that I already had the perfect spot in mind for it.  We had zero storage in our half-bath and were keeping things like Kleenex, toilet paper and air freshener all on the back of the toilet.  I wasn't sure what type of storage we'd even be able to put in there since it's a small space to start with, and wall shelves weren't an option since I covered the walls with pictures.  This little shelf fits right up next to the sink while still leaving enough room to get to the toilet!  I think my favorite part of it was the total cost of the shelf and makeover supplies: free!  I used all supplies that we already had here to get it ready to go in the bathroom, and total time spent was about 2 hrs.  That's my kind of project!  Here's the transformation:

The before shot.  The shelf was nice and sturdy so it really just needed to be sanded, primed and painted.  I didn't even sand it that well.  Just a quick once-over with the orbital sander.

Here it is after a quick coat of spray primer.

Sitting in its new home after getting 2 coats of paint with the same color as the trim in the room

Putting it to work!

I worked on another furniture makeover project this weekend too, but I won't be debuting that one until it's completely done.  We're looking forward to Mom, Dad and Grace coming in town for Easter this coming weekend, and we'll be working around the house this week trying to make it presentable.  Have a great week!


  1. I hope I see something familiar soon! You are good with getting your projects completed in a decent time!

  2. I think the project that you have in mind might take a little bit :) But who knows!

  3. You mean the chair you bought recently and have to reupholster? Ya that could take a while!