Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Cinco de Mayo Cake!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Are you all celebrating by having some chips and queso and plenty of margaritas?  Joe and I did have Mexican food for lunch today, but we will be spending this evening celebrating another wedding.  This time it is a good friend of Joe's from Rolla who is getting married.  Joe is a groomsman so we left work early yesterday and headed to Macon, MO for the wedding.  I love taking half days on Fridays, especially when the half day also happens to fall on a potluck day at work.  That's where the Cinco de Mayo cake comes in.  A couple weeks ago I found out that we'd be having a Mexican themed potluck, so I started trying to think of cakes that would fit the theme.  Instead of making a shaped cake, I decided to make a margarita flavored cake from a recipe I found when I Googled "margarita cake" haha.  The cake was basically a lime and orange flavored cake, with a lime custard filling, a tequila and triple sec simple syrup that was brushed on the cakes and then a lime/tequila/triple sec icing.  It was quite a bit of work to make the components since they were all from scratch, but the assembly was really quick.  I decided to try and make the top look like a pinata and the bottom just a simple white icing with a dot border.

I finally got to try the cake on Friday, and it was a little dry but very tasty.  The filling and icing were both delicious.  Everyone seemed to like it!  The next cake that I have planned is for a coworker's son's birthday party.  He wants a bowling themed cake so be on the lookout for that in a couple weeks.  In the meantime, here are a couple more pictures of the cake.  I'll try and find some good things to post about in the coming week.  Have a good weekend!


  1. Your frosting jobs always looks so smooth and have those straight, well-defined edges. I still haven't gotten the hang of that quite yet. I guess I just need practice. Any tips or tricks you can give me?

    1. Thanks, Chase! One thing that has really helped me recently is getting a lazy susan or turntable to use while icing cakes. It really does make a difference. Also, I was watching a youtube video on making a topsy turvy cake and I saw that the lady iced the top first and then the sides, allowing the side icing to stick up over the top edge. Then she went around the top edge and smoothed the side icing that was sticking up, in toward the center of the top of the cake. It really made a nice clean edge. Not sure if that made sense, haha. The thing I have the most trouble with is keeping my spatula blade really straight. Hope that helps!