Monday, May 14, 2012

Three Happy Days in a Row!

Those three happy days would be: Happy Mother's Day, Happy Anniversary, and Happy Birthday!

As you know, Sunday was Mother's day and even though we didn't get to visit with either of our moms that day, we hope they had a nice relaxing day!  Although knowing our moms they were probably busy with a number of things :)  Thanks for being such great moms and we hope to see both of you sometime soon!

Then today, Joe and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary.

It doesn't seem like a year has gone by since we were married but I guess time flies when you're having fun!  We didn't go out to eat anywhere, but Joe did grill some delicious steaks for us!

The traditional gift for first wedding anniversaries is paper, so I got Joe tickets to see a stand-up comedy show.  The comedian was Aziz Ansari, who you may know from the NBC comedy, "Parks & Rec".  The show was at the beautiful, historic Midland Theater in downtown Kansas City.  Aziz was great and we were cracking up laughing the entire time.  Joe's 'paper' gift for me was a packet of blank photo paper followed by a...Canon EOS Rebel T3 DSLR Camera!!!!!

I'll just go ahead and say that Joe is way better at picking gifts out than I am.  Or maybe I'm just easier to buy for.  There will be a ton to learn about using this camera but I'm ready to figure it out and start taking some awesome pictures.  We've already taken a bunch of pictures tonight and it is amazing at how great the pictures are even when just used in completely automatic mode.  Here's a little sampling of pictures we've taken so far.

You know Joe had to get a picture of his grass.  It really is nice grass :)

One of our tomato plants.

Knock-out roses in our front flower bed.
The last, but certainly not least, happy day is a Happy Birthday to Joe!

There's the birthday boy :)
He will be turning 25 tomorrow and to celebrate we'll be homemade General Tso's chicken with chocolate molten cakes for dessert.  What can I say, he's an easy man to please :)  I'll be sure to take some pictures of the dinner and dessert with our fancy new camera.  Plus these chocolate molten cakes are super easy to make so they'll be making their own appearance here on the blog.

That's it for now.  Have a great week!


  1. So I totally suggest taking a basic photography class of some sort if you can find one through the park district or city of Olathe. I took one here and it helped me learn to use all my settings and stuff on my T2i. Most of those pictures on the Cherry On Top page are ones I've taken. If nothing else, I'm pretty sure Best Buy offers some sort of digital photography class as well. I'm excited for your new toy!

  2. Happy Anniversary to both of you and Happy Birthday to Joe! It doesn't seem like a year since your wedding. I like your camera, Lisa (good job, Joe!) I bet you can find a cheap class somewhere, like Chase suggests, to learn how to use it. Although your picture of Joe's grass is darn near perfect already. Maybe it's the perfect grass that makes the picture look perfect. :-) I like your steaks, too. They look pretty yummy. Is that the coffee rub I told you about?

    1. Thanks, Dad! Joe actually took the picture of the grass. And yes, it helps to have perfect grass to photograph :) The steak in the picture does have the coffee rub on it that you guys gave to us. It was really good!