Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Preparing for Our New Addition

On the road again...

I'm once again on a work trip but this time it is just a quick one to Tulsa for a meeting.  I am staying overnight though which means that of course I have to write a blog post! Joe is home tonight hanging out with Chase the cat and also welcoming our new addition into our home.  I won't tell you what it is until I can get some pictures of it, but I will tell you that I had to clean up the front room to make a space for it to call home.  It is very heavy and Joe will hopefully enjoy it, but I doubt he'll ever use it.  Do you know what it is?  I know that some of you do because I've already told you :)  Here are the before and after pictures of our front room where our new addition will go.  Now you can all see just how messy I can be.  (I'm just trying to keep it real here on this blog!)

Everything on this wall had to go!

Our new addition's future home!

Before.  Yikes.

After.  Yes, I did kind of just move all the pictures over to that wall.

As you can see, that room is full of projects but the room itself is also a project.  Hopefully the new piece in this room will be the kick in the pants I need to get going on all the things I want to do in there. 

We've got a couple other projects going on right now as well.  Our little garden is starting to do pretty well since we planted the seeds several weeks ago.  Some of our seeds didn't make it, but we did end up with several tomato plants, a few peppers, some beans and some broccoli.  If they actually end up producing some veggies then I'm sure you'll see them here on the blog! 

Another project that we've got on the drawing board is expanding and fixing up this flower bed in the back yard.  Right now the bed consists of rocks and one lone hosta in the area around the trunks of the two walnut trees and the Osage apple tree.  Our plan is to possibly cut down the Osage apple tree then get some larger natural looking stones and create a new much larger outline for the bed.  Then we'll fill it with dirt and plant a lot of shade loving plants.  I can't wait to pretty up our back yard! 

Well, thats all I really have for tonight.  I'll just leave you with a picture of our super adorable, temporary pet, Chase.  Luckily he doesn't have any front claws, or I would be blind in my left eye right now.  We were playing with him last night by peeking out from behind the couch and then he would bolt around and pounce on us.  Well Joe did it a couple times and Chase only batted him in the nose.  Then the one time I tried it, he came at me really quick and his furry little paw swiped right across my eyeball.  He was just playing though, and thats what I get for provoking him!  But maybe he was just trying to get rid of me since Joe is the one he really loves :)


  1. Ok, you need to be careful what you title these blogs...You had me excited when I read that you are "Preparing for our NEW ADDITION"!!! I thought I was gonna have another great niece or nephew! Gees!

    Aunt Sharon

    1. I'm glad I was able to trick someone :) Sorry to disappoint you!

  2. I have a pretty good idea of what it is... should add some noise to a quiet house of two. :)